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Clairvoyant Counselling

Here at Psychic Online Reading the cutting-edge live cam technology from Oranum is used to allow the advice seekers to get in touch with and video chat with our spiritually-gifted psychics online. It combines the best of the television and phone services as they will hear and talk to the clairvoyant counsellors, tarot and astrology

Online Tarot Reading Game

Play this fun online tarot reading game and see what the tarot cards have in store for you.  With the help of the 22 Major Arcana tarot cards you can get insight in to which direction you are following now and what decisions you have to make in order to guide your life in the

Love Psychic Online Readings

Love psychic online readings have become really popular these days. Advice seekers flock to these love psychics via webcam chat on their computers and smart phones! That’s right! Love is blind. Even the smartest people have made wrong decisions when it comes to love and relationships. People wants to make the right decisions in their

Reading Your Own Palm

Reading your own palm online is easy and anyone can learn how to do it. That’s right, palmistry is not just reserved for psychics. However, you should not confuse hand analysis with psychic reading. You can compare palm reading to for example, map reading, an acquired skill. You learn all the basics of what each

Psychic Chat Room

Are you looking for a psychic chat room that offers free video chat for people who need spiritual guidance and advice? You’ve come to the right place! Everyone has a PC or laptop computers equipped with webcams these days. You can now video chat live for a psychic online reading instead of hearing a voice

Clairvoyant Psychic Reads Your Mind

Dave is one amazing psychic. He has this unbelievable clairvoyant ability that he seems to know everything about his clients’ life and finance. He’s never wrong! Where does his incredible psychic gift come from? Watch this viral YouTube video to find out!

Free Online Psychic Reading

You have seen the free online psychic reading promo ad but is it really authentic? How do you know the psychics you are dealing with are spiritually gifted? Do they really know the answers you are seeking? Those are logical questions to ask and there are surely many con artists out there. They know that

Oranum Featured In Christina Aguilera’s Music Video

Even Hollywood celebrities and pop superstars like Christina Aguilera loves to hang out at Oranum, the world’s largest psychic community. In her latest music video “Your Body” you can see Aquilera surfed to Oranum’s website and consulted an online psychic. “Hey Oranum what’s my week look like?” asked Christina. “You’re gonna have a pillar week!”